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Glaciate Barriers are a Nase Family special technique, in which the user is able to generate a barrier that can either defend against incoming attacks, such as using it as a shield, or isolate opponents within them. The barriers also have the ability to disguise, or otherwise make invisible, objects or people, depending on the user's desired effect.  

For higher level uses of the Glaciate Barrier, it has been used in certain instances to encase or "sink" things. This skill was most notably used by Izumi, in which she first experimented on her secretary and "sunk" her consciousness into a limbo-like state and later Akihito's human side during The Calm.  

Appearance wise, Glaciate Barriers are blue in color; their most noticeable characteristic being the moving panels that make up the barrier. They also have a tendency to glow, as well as produce ice-like shards within its radius.  

People known with this ability include:

Youmu known with this ability:

Izumi Nase placing a barrier around the area during "Bitter Orange".