Beyond the Boundary Mini Theater (「境界の彼方」ミニ劇場, Kyoukai no Kanata Mini-Gekijou) is a series of seven short episodes included with the Bluray and DVD release of the Kyoukai no Kanata anime series. Each episode is released with each volume of the Bluray and DVD, and consists of small stories that coincide with events in the anime series.

Episode ListEdit

Episode 1: ~I love you Onii-chan♥~Edit

Hiroomi talks about his memories of the Nase family. In order to become a great Spirit World Warrior, Hiroomi is taught to persevere at an early age. Alongside Mitsuki, his loving little sister, is the strict and tender Izumi, who watches over the siblings.[1]

Episode 2: ~Mirai's Bright Get-Rich-Quick Plan~Edit

As usual, Mirai runs out of money. Out of concern for Mirai, Akihito advises her to hunt some youmu to earn some cash. The two head to Ayaka, who seems to suggest taking out youmu, but as always, can Mirai be able to do the task at hand for a large sum of money!? Will she be able to pay this month's rent!!?[2]

Episode 3: ~The Twenty-something Woman, the Perfect Age for Falling in Love~Edit

"The one jilted by her boyfriends", Shizuku Ninomiya, comes begging to Izumi in the Nase Residence. After getting herself drunk, Shizuku thinks of giving up on entering a relationship when her conversation with Izumi heads to an unexpected turn... Will Shizuku finally find happiness?[3]

Episode 4: ~The Way to Becoming an Idol~Edit

After taking on the stinky youmu, the idol-obssesed Ai gathers Akihito, Mirai, Mitsuki and Hiroomi and offers a shocking proposal: to become idols![4]

Episode 5: ~Pajama Party~Edit

The no-boys-allowed girls-only pajama party begins. When we talk about girls spending the night talking about different things, of course, love is a guaranteed topic! Mirai, Mitsuki, Ai and Sakura... what's their status regarding love!?[5]

Episode 6: ~Let's Have a Training Camp!~Edit

As Hiroomi loses his wits over the repetitive anthology screening he does everyday, he suggests going on a beach training camp to Akihito. After some talking through, it seems that Akihito is slowly gaining interest. Will they ever get Mitsuki and Mirai to say yes!?[6]

Episode 7: ~A Letter from Mother~Edit

Akihito once more absorbs Beyond the Boundary into his body. His life begins anew like usual... or so he thought. One day, he receives a letter from his mother Yayoi. What are the shocking words she sent by mail for her son?[7]


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